Diet treatment of congenital imperforate anus and recto-vaginal fistula

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Imperforate anus repair

Imperforate anus repair is surgery to correct a birth defect involving the rectum and anus. The operative blood loss was minimal. Before the Procedure. Children with mild defects usually do very well. Children who have more complex surgeries still usually have control of their bowel movements. Children with imperforate anus may also have other birth defects, including problems with the heart, kidneys, arms, legs, or spine.
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Imperforate anus repair: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Some children may need more surgery. The child must often take stool softeners for weeks to months. The operative blood loss was minimal. How this surgery is performed depends on the type of imperforate anus. Risks from anesthesia and surgery in general include: Reactions to medicines Breathing problems Bleeding, blood clots, infection Risks of this procedure include: Damage to the urethra tube that carries urine out of the bladder Damage to the ureter tube that carries urine from the kidneys to the bladder Hole that develops through the wall of the intestine Abnormal connection fistula between the anus and vagina or skin Narrowed opening of the anus Long-term problems with bowel movements because of damage to the nerves and muscles to the colon and rectum may be constipation or incontinence Temporary paralysis of the bowel paralytic ileus.
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Description: Before the Procedure. This is called an anoplasty. Purpose: This study aimed to evaluate the mid-term outcomes of single-stage modified anterior sagittal anorectoplasty ASARP for anorectal malformation with vestibular fistula. Stool will drain into a bag attached to the abdomen.

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